TECH 7.1 rear

This ultramodern rear tyre design can be used in all training and competition applications that are not organised in accordance with FIM regulations. It impresses with the top product characteristics of the GIBSON® TYRE TECH 7.1 enduro tyre. The uncompromising tread with high lugs and the optimum arrangement of the tread bars results in the best possible tyre contact area. Furthermore, the deep tread depth guarantees greater grip in deep soil and improved self-cleaning.
The GIBSON® TYRE TECH 7.1 SOFT (X57) and GIBSON® TYRE TECH 7.1 SUPERSOFT (X50) variants have been developed for sports use on a wide range of ground types. Both variants also exhibit the uncompromising tread with high lugs in a range of hardnesses. The degree of grip afforded by the rubber compound is extremely high and enables powerful propulsion on all types of ground. The application area: as an all-rounder for sports use, approved in accordance with ECE-R75 and DOT.

Available size:
• 110/100 – 18 TT 79M NHS