MX 3.1 rear

A rear tyre suitable for soft to medium-hard mixed ground. With the high lug tread and optimum alignment of the tread bars, the GIBSON® TYRE TECH MX 3.1 guarantees maximum transfer of force and safe ground contact.
The special rubber compound ensures outstanding longevity and consistent stability over the entire tyre life, together with a lo w tyre weight. The GIBSON® TYRE TECH MX 3.1 FACTORY rear tyre is ideal for competitive use. Like all FACTORY tyres, it is particularly heat resistant and resistant to dynamic loads thank s to its optimised tread compound.

Available sizes:
• 120/80-19 TT NHS
• 110/90-19 TT NHS
• 100/90-19 TT NHS
• 90/100-16 TT NHS
• 90/100-14 TT NHS
• 80/100-12 TT NHS