MX 1.1 front

Developed for the high demands of professional MX sport, the crosslink technology with its additional braces between the outer lugs guarantees maximum stability, optimum lean and safe ground contact. The GIBSON® TYRE TECH MX 1.1 is characterised by steering precision and directional stability after hard landings on both soft and mixed ground, as well as excellent grip and outstanding longevity.
Available in six different sizes, the GIBSON® TYRE TECH MX 1.1 is optimised for varied route conditions and can be used on ground ranging from soft to medium-hard.
As an MX 1.1 FACTORY MOTOCROSS front tyre, this tyre is specially tailored for use in professional racing, thanks to the special rubber compound and carcass, and is available with a diameter of 21 inches.

Available sizes:
• 80/100-21 TT NHS
• 70/100-19 TT NHS
• 70/100-17 TT NHS
• 60/100-14 TT NHS
• 60/100-12 TT NHS
• 2.50 -10 TT NHS