The patented GIBSON® MOUTECH MOUSSE revolutionises previously known mousse technology! Patented ring-shaped constrictions deliver two significant improvements in tough r ace conditions in comparison to conventional technology:

1. By fitting with grease, the constrictions pick up additional mousse gel volume during installation, which results in an effective distribution of the gel and therefore also improved discharge of the heat that arises. This significantly increases the service periods of the mousse.

2. The patented constrictions increase the tyre contact area. The result: improved adhesion, maximum grip and extreme steering precision to significantly improve the driving performance. GIBSON® MOUTECH MOUSSE is a varilable in the version „medium/hard“ with eight rings (constrictions), which equates to an air pressure of approx. 0.9 bar, and for extreme use in the version „soft“ with 16 rings, which equates to an air pressure of approx. 0.7 bar.

GIBSON® POWER TECH is the first manufacturer to refine the ultralight MOUTECH MOUSSE with the „Blue Protect“ protective layer, which prevents the trapped air molecules from escaping. This, in turn, prevents the GIBSON® MOUTECH MOUSSE from shrinking.